Garcia Exploration 52

L’Exploration 45 ha avuto un successo davvero superiore a qualsiasi aspettativa.
L’ Exploration 52, come l’Exploration 45, è una barca disegnata per navigare e vivere comodamente a bordo sia alle latitudini estreme che ai tropici…

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Garcia Exploration 52 – perfectly suited for both high latitude and tropical sailing


I wanted a strong, fast, comfortable, functional a nd easily handled boat perfectly suited for both high latitude and tropical sailing. I finally decided to develop a new boat which would be as close as can be to my ideal long-distance cruising boat. I am very happy to share my enthusiasm with Garcia Yachting, one of the best aluminium boat builders in the world,” is how Jimmy Cornell, founder of the ARC Transatlantic Regatta, describes the Exploration 45 built to his wishes by Garcia in France.

Watertight and safe in heavy seas
The 16.5 m long Exploration 52 now displays the same features. In terms of layout, there is a choice between two and three cabins. From the deck saloon with a watertight door and double-glazed windows, the helmsman has a 270° view from the interior steering position. For greater safety, all the sea valves have been positioned above the waterline. All through-hull fittings are made of aluminium. The fore and aft bulkheads have watertight hatches. To steer it, there is a twin-rudder configuration with self-aligning bearings for optimal helm control even in heavy seas, and for access to the water, there is a bathing platform at the stern.